It’s been a while I had updated my blog. As time flew by, it was time for me to renew my website and so this post is going to be about upgrading ZySec.

If you visited the first version of my site, you could tell that it was hosted on Wordpress. As I was just starting with a domain and hosting, I was lucky to receive the introductory offers and chose managed Wordpress hosting as I knew that would help setup my site quickly.

As it was due for renewal, I wanted to explore my options. Given that my site doesn’t attract enough traffic, kept me wondering if I had to go with managed Wordpress hosting again. After doing a bit of research, the following were my choices:

Hosting: GitHub Pages With GitHub pages, we could host a static site or a blog that doesn’t require any database setup or server configurations. It also provides a free domain with enforced HTTPS (ikr 🤓) among many other options.

Site content: Hugo Framework Since ZySec is a static site, I decided to use a static site generator. The options were Hugo and Jekyll. After a little reading on reviews and pros/cons, I chose Hugo. I must admit that it wasn’t an easy learning curve, but definitely with time, it becomes easier. Hugo also has a decent collection of themes to choose from. So after you’re sure which one to use, then you’re good to go. If you require more customisation, you can always develop your own theme or modify the code accordingly.

Email: Zoho Mail Although this is a new addition, I am extremely happy with it so far. The best part? It has a free plan that supports custom domain names and up to 5 user accounts. Setup was quite straightforward and didn’t take too long to complete. They have great documentation (+1 for that) and takes you through setting up SPF and DKIM

If you don’t have a specific requirement or use case to go with any of the paid services, then these choices will definitely help you save a decent amount of money!

If you have any suggestions our other services that are better than the ones listed, let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out.

Special thanks/credits: