Hello there - Hope you are staying safe and doing everything to protect yourself and those around you during this difficult time. After a short break, I am back with a small post and a positive news. I am happy and excited to share that I have successfully completed the MS-500 Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate certification today. It was an amazing experience and enjoyed learning and preparing for the exam.

The exam duration was 3 hours, although one could finish ahead in time depending on the total number of questions, which is expected to be around 40-50. A combination of multiple choice, choose the right answer, choose and reorder type of questions were a few that appeared on the exam. Going through the skills measured as listed on the exam page will definitely help to review whether you have covered all the topics. I am greatly thankful to all those who have made resources available for this course and those who provided study guides and easy links to various topics on the Microsoft documentation site. I am sharing the resources I have used to learn and prepare for this exam (all credits to their respective owners):

I hope to continue learning and keep myself updated with the latest additions and updates in Microsoft 365. You can view my Acclaim badge here